So what is the Dr Tan Wu Meng, Pritam Singh, and Alfian Sa’at story about?

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I am not too sure how many are actually interested in the whole Dr. Tan x WP x Alfian story.

I’ve read most of their posts if not all. And they are all major wall of text that I think most people will just switch off after a while. So I will do you guys a good one with a summary.

Pritam Singh calls Alfian a loving critic and asks PAP govt to appreciate all Singaporeans

Dr Tan published an article on PAP’s site questioning that and asking if he knows what Alfian has said

Some Singaporeans go crazy call PAP playing dirty and calling it gutter politics.

*Not part of the timeline but this is the part I do not understand. Why is it okay for other parties to question everything and even call PAP names and it all seems legitimate but when Dr Tan questioned WP, it became gutter politics?

*In the same vein, every time someone posts something pro-PAP, they are known as IB Dogs, but when pro-opposition netizen post something, it is considered as “asking for transparency and accountability from PAP.” I do not understand the logic but I digress.

Minister Shanmugam gets interviewed by Mothership regarding Dr Tan’s comment.

Summary of the interview: Alfian is entitled to his views like every Singaporeans. However, the bigger question is not about Alfian but is Mr Pritam Singh and WP endorsing those views?

*Personal opinion, especially when Pritam Singh is the leader of WP, and WP is the biggest opposition in Singapore, we can probably call him the leader of Opposition. (Sorry Uncle Tan.) So I guess his endorsement can really mean something to Singapore.

Pritam Singh replied via Facebook:

Summary of his post:

1. WP is pro Singapore.

2. States that the term loving critic is by Tommy Koh

3. I supposed it was indirect agree or disagree or if he knew, actually I am still not sure about his stand but he did say, “I do not specifically track what our playwrights say about Malaysia.” but still say he “appreciated the perspective of theatre practitioners in Singapore” but still will not stand for the conduct of individual who rejects Singapore.

4. And turn the table back about why Dr Tan did not ask him on the spot and instead did what he did.

5. He went on with a paragraph sharing his view about how Dr Tan’s real intention is to paint WP in a negative light.

Meanwhile, while all these were happening, Alfian also posted some clarification on his own Facebook. His supporters also started to question Dr Tan and PAP. Some are sending in love by supporting him, others took the chance to slam PAP, and questioning PAP’s “real intention”. And why ain’t PAP doing something “more important” than this, especially with Covid-19 around.

I left out Alfian’s post because I think most people’s focus is really on the fact that “Why did Dr Tan” do this and “Why can’t Pritam just give an answer”. I think Alfian while seems like the main reason that this saga started, I personally think he is not. It is not like he wrote another poem to create yet another controversy. He just got mentioned this time. And if my memory serves me right, some of these screenshots or talking point ain’t exactly new. They have been published on the internet before.

So that is pretty much the summary of it.

Thank you for reading.

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