Unpopular opinion: Why the big hoohaa over the Virus Vanguard?

After not even 24 hours of “fame”, the newly created Virus Vanguard by Gov.sg was taken down after “feedback” from the public. Interestingly, a lot of “feedback” came in the form of a petition signed by Liverpool fans who took offense to a member of the Virus Vanguard’s slogan. MAWA Man stands for Must Always Walk Alone man because well – DUH! – social distancing. But Liverpool fans felt insulted as Liverpool’s official anthem is “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” 

The Virus Vanguard was created as a tongue-in-cheek way of getting the message across about how to keep COVID-19 at bay and obviously safe distancing is one of the measures that MAWA Man promotes. THAT’S WHY IT’S MUST ALWAYS WALK ALONE right – to get the safe distancing message across a bit more creatively. Much respect to football fans but aren’t they taking their fandom a bit TOO seriously. 


We all need a bit of light-heartedness in these times.  

We’re seeing all-time high case numbers the last week and everyone is in need of some light-heartedness in these times. But no… people need to make this an issue. As if we do not have enough to worry about already. 

Can’t do no right 

We pity those in the civil service – because they can’t do no right. People wonder why “Government is so boring, no new initiative, no interesting concept, so stuck in the mud”. Well… because THIS. EVERY initiative and campaign rolled out will invite nay-sayers. 

Everytime we criticise, the learnt reaction is then to not take chances, not to risk public backlash. But this isn’t the Government we should have. We should always welcome innovative approaches if we as a country want to stay ahead of the curve.

Yes, we too think the characters are a bit cringe-worthy but the effort should be applauded. The initiative to try something new should be encouraged. 

If it’s not already clear, the Government is also taking the lead to help support some sectors of the economy because #covid and in this instance, was to work with Band of Doodlers for this project. The FB post from artist Mas Shafreen says it all. The intention was to create superheroes to show appreciation of frontliners in this fight. 

So please… lighten up guys! For God’s sake, we all need a bit of humour in these times. 

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