Teacher goes online to share her frustrations: “We are frontliners too!”

On 30th March, Singapore stood still for several minutes while giving a rousing applause to show their appreciation for all frontline workers. This heartwarming initiative was part of Clap For #SGUnited and videos showing multiple neighbourhoods in Singapore taking part were plastered all over social media.


Mention frontline workers and in this current situation dealing with Covid-19, immediately doctors, nurses and those in the healthcare system come to mind. But one teacher who took to social media to share her frustration about teachers always being overlooked and it just might give you some perspective. 

She shares how parents have high expectations – want schools to be closed and want home-based learning but then complain that it affects their work for the day. 

She shares more about the behind the scenes work that goes into preparing home-based learning material. 

Giving the honest truth about how exhausting it can be. 

To top it all off – teachers who are parents actually have to give up helping their own children with home-based learning and instead prioritise their students. If that isn’t dedication, we don’t know what is. (As seen from a post shared in a group) 

Jiayou all teachers! You are also frontliners to the team at The Singapore Conscience! <3 



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