5 Things You Might Have Missed From PM’s Istana Interview

Missed PM Lee’s media interview that left Barbra Streisand in awe of our little red dot and how our PM communicated the COVID situation to us, we re-capped the 5 things you gotta know! 

1) PM Lee told it to us like it is 

Nope, our PM is not the kind to beat around the bush. 

2) After he scared us a bit, he also reassured us. 

“We have the resources, we know what we are doing, we are ready for what lies ahead. 

Whatever it takes to do that (stabilise the economy, to preserve jobs, to help companies stay in business), we will. That is how we came up with the package yesterday – very drastic wage support scheme – help for the self-employed, the gig economy, help for the companies, help for the households. 

In fact, we tripled the household support and assistance package. We want to see people through this.”

3) He laid out the conditions for getting through this together.  

Eyes open

Strong leadership

Good government


Determined to see this through 

Cmon Singapore, we got this! #SGUnited 

4) We had to dip into our reserves 

The Resilience Budget, which is a supplementary budget to the one announced in February, packed a punch at $48 billion, of which $17 billion was drawn from our reserves under the President’s approval.  

For decades, the Singapore government has squirreled money away in the reserves, saving for a rainy day. Well, this is the RAINY DAY. 

So next year when GST is up to start directing funds back into the reserve – don’t complain ah. 😉 

5) Everyone has a part to play 

Safe distancing

Personal hygiene

Cooperation when we are contact tracing 

Discipline when people come back

 Adhering to stay home notification

And…. staying home! 

No, that dinner party out with friends on Monday and spin class on Tuesday is not a necessity.  

Moving forward together

The situation we are in is unprecedented. But like our fore-fathers who went through difficult times, we will overcome. That said, we need to do this together, as one Singapore. As one of  our favourite medley goes: “Recognise you can play your part”. 


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