This list of Coronavirus initiatives by kind-hearted Singaporeans will restore your faith in humanity

Over the weekend, images of ugly Singaporeans panic-buying ridiculous amounts of food and snaking queues at supermarkets were etched in the memories of many. Although DORSCON Orange meant that life was still to proceed as usual, albeit with heightened preventive measures, some Singaporeans took it to mean the equivalent of a zombie apocalypse, wiping the shelves of Singapore’s supermarkets. 

Fortunately, humanity shone bright from little corners of Singapore, where many kind-hearted individuals started ground-up initiatives to harness the positive energy of how Singaporeans should respond in times of crisis. 

“We were quite concerned by the mood of hoarding, panic, blame and even anti-Chinese sentiment that came about because of the Coronavirus situation, so we thought: why not as changemakers let us contribute in whatever way we can?” – Vincent, A Good Space 

 A Good Space, which is a community of different changemakers who care about different issues in Singapore, were the enablers who started to compile a list of initiatives online. This serves as a central database to galvanise efforts and connect changemakers with others who want and have the resources to help. 

Here are some of the initiatives we spotted: 

1) Maskgoshare  by 

Maskgoshare platform for neighbours to share masks and supplies. It even has a list of all the 1 and 2 room HDB rental flats so Singaporeans that stay nearby can consider sharing their supplies. 

2) aims to collect donations of surgical and N95 masks as well as sanitizing items so that they can redistribute them to others. They have identified several vulnerable groups such as those in the Healthcare sector, home bound patients, taxi drivers, bus drivers and others who are in need.

3) PARK $2 Project (P2P) fundraiser

A Facebook group that has actually been around for years, PARK $2 Project (P2P) recent initiative was to raise money to put together goodie bags of essential items for needy families. They managed to raise $10,000 to help 202 needy families.

4) #braveheartSG 

From the same team behind StandUpFor.SG,  #braveheartSG wants to get the members of the public involved in showing appreciation for healthcare workers and medical staff. They want to put together care packages of snacks and drinks and deliver handwritten notes to more than 5,000 medical staff on Valentine’s Day. 

To be a part of this movement – write a message of appreciated, take a picture and upload it on Facebook with the hashtag #braveheartSG. Don’t forget to set your privacy settings to public. 

5) Operation #Boostershot  

Operation #Boostershot is a fundraiser on platform Ray of Hope that was crowdfunding donations to pay for the “caffeine boosts” of Healthcare workers. They set an initial target of $25,000 and have already surpassed that. Fundraising has also ended for now. 

In the words of Vincent from A Good Space – “There are many good people out there trying to do good things for their fellow Singaporeans – instead of adding to the doom and gloom on social media, can we harness the positive energy of ordinary Singaporeans to respond to this crisis together as a community.”

Well said. For us, it was certainly #faithinhumanityrestored.