Where Will Your Dollar Go To?

Singaporeans are champions at shopping.

We’re top notch at finding the best deals, winning fastest-fingers-first and bragging about our loot.

This year, instead of spending your Sing dollars buying products from a sweatshop factory in China or outsourcing to cheaper overseas talents, why don’t you challenge yourself to source locally?

There are many local businesses worthy of our dollar. If you sourced locally, you would open your eyes to the many talents our country has.

For example, for the upcoming Chinese New Year, you could purchase locally baked CNY goodies from Singapore social enterprise Crunchy Teeth, instead of fighting the crowds at Chinatown for imported goodies.

Before you pay an overseas designer for a new logo, have you explored giving a local designers a chance to show you their portfolios?

Your dollar would benefit Singaporeans by giving them a business and an income.

If we complain so much about our country not having a Singaporean-first employment law, do we as a customer also practise conscious local sourcing to give our fellow Singaporeans first and fair consideration before outsourcing to foreigners?

The proof of the pudding is to put our money where our mouth is.

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