New Year New Me? Why New Year’s resolutions never work out

Ahhhhh 2020. The dawn of a new decade. Seems like the perfect time to kick start some of those things you’ve been wanting to do – get fitter (or slimmer mostly), pick up a new skill, quit your vices etc etc.

But  as with every year since you’ve tried this “resolutions thing”, you’d tend to fail quite miserably. If you didn’t stop to wonder before. Here are some reasons why New Year’s resolutions tend to fail:

1) Resolutions are what you think you should do and not what you want to do

Internalising your resolutions is everything. Yeah, working out every day for an hour sounds like a great, healthy lifestyle to lead. But if you are not committed or intrinsically motivated, it’s more likely you’ll exercise once a week for a month and then call it quits, choosing to exercise your thumbs channel surfing instead.

2) Resolutions concentrate on the end goal but it should really be a process

Is this the year you’ll quit smoking? Think of all the money you would save if you quit smoking ten stick of cigarettes every day. However, it’s not about you going cold turkey for a week hoping you’d quit smoking immediately. It’s more about small steps to take – cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke by 1 every 2 weeks. Soon, you might find yourself down to only 2-3 cigarettes daily and in a much better position to take the leap of quitting than before.

3) Some resolutions are not realistic

Sure – wanting to become a millionaire by 30 sounds inspiring but 99.9% of people won’t get there. If you set a goal that is too far out, chances are you’ll give up before even trying. Saving up $100,000 by end 2020? That sounds more doable. This way, you’d be on your way to being a millionaire by 2030, ain’t too shabby if you ask us!

4) Resolutions don’t take into account your environment and triggers

If every time you try to psych yourself up for a jog and all your other half wants to do is watch Netflix and have a bag of chips, you’d probably have to scratch “new year, fitter me” off that list. Want to get fitter – get a workout buddy at work, find groups to join that would keep you accountable.

Avoid your triggers. If everytime you walk by the mall and you NEED THAT BUBBLE TEA COS THOSE BUBBLING BROWN SUGAR PEARLS SMELL SO GOOD… it might be high time you find a different entrance OR a new hang out place with less “bubble tea triggers”.

5) Resolutions don’t come with plans

I want to save more. I want to spend less. I want to get in shape. But how is the question. Resolutions are often ideals but if you want to put the pedal to the metal, you need actionable plans on how to go about achieving them. Start with small and achievable goals before moving on to goals that need more effort and bigger commitment and it’ll get easier!

Here’s hoping these small steps help you stick to some of your resolutions this year! 😀

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