Never before revealed employment figures

While most Singaporeans are more preoccupied with which bak kwa to queue for and what auspicious timings they should deposit money, the spotlight has been thrown on the “foreigners in the workforce” debacle in Parliament.

Workers’ Party’s Pritam Singh had repeatedly asked for the breakdown new jobs that went to Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners in the workforce.

In an interview on MTI’s year-in-review and outlook for 2020, Minister Chan Chun Sing provided the breakdown of various employment statistics from 2015 to 2018.

We’ve put it into an infographic for easy reading.

He also explained why unemployment rate for foreigners is low.

“I know it is easy to politicise (the breakdown of local employment figures) and say, why is the PR performance slightly stronger than the Singapore citizen performance.

PRs who come in are those with “strong job opportunities”. Because we pre-select the PRs, it would not be surprising that in some sectors, the PR performance is just slightly better than the Singaporeans.

The truth of the matter is, if a foreigner is unemployed, why would we want (him) to be in Singapore? So, the unemployment rate for foreigners in Singapore must be zero.”

Okay… that made sense to us too!

For 2020 and beyond, we hope that more opportunities are created for and filled by Singaporeans.

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