Are You Willing To Die For Singapore?

Don’t ask what I can do for my country, but what can my country do for me?

This is a question asked in a certain public Facebook group: Are you willing to die for Singapore?

The answer (unsurprising for this group, which encourages complaints) is an overwhelming NO.

Why don’t Singaporeans want to die for Singapore?

Here are some of the interesting reasons given.

1. Money

Some netizens gave money-related reasons why they wouldn’t die for their country.

  • Pay me $1 billion and lower my cost of living up to 60% in 3 years.

  • Where’s my discount?

  • My leader so money-minded, why should I sacrifice my life when he won’t die for his father?

  • My family must be covered by insurance and pension first. And even so, vote opposition.

Would making every citizen financially secure ensure they will die for Singapore?

2. Ruling party

Many netizens cited PAP as the reason they won’t die for Singapore.

  • Let the opposition win, then I’ll say yes to dying for my country.

  • There were some brave souls who tried to explain the difference between dying for the country vs dying for PAP.

3. Foreign talents and women

  • Why die for my country when the FTs and new citizens should be first in line?

  • And because Singaporean women are angmo-loving SPGs whose views don’t count.

4. Wall of fame

Some interesting suggestions why Singaporeans won’t die for their country.

  • Haze will kill us first.

  • Coz we aren’t smart and brave enough.

5. Best answer

Because why die for my country when I can make my enemy die for his?

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