releases four 2 min clips that have ALL THE FEELS… and a bit of humour thrown in

It must be nearing Christmas… because released 4 videos that are clearly aimed at tugging at our heartstrings. The 4 videos, each featuring a family of a different race (because we are very sensitive to races in Singapore like that), show them navigating through life in Singapore as well as different life stages. 

Meet the Ismails  

The most adorable couple who took on the adventure of parenthood headlong and will have all of the parents in the entire Singapore agreeing with them when they quip “Our babies are growing up so fast.” 

The protagonists sit on the bed, folding clothes and discuss how to balance their finances – their older girl wants to go for arts camp and their younger girl is still in childcare. They touch on schemes such as Edusave, childcare subsidy and CDA’s dollar-for-dollar matching. But all that melts away when their older girl, Fatin, opens the door and with a twinkle in her eye, hops towards them for a cuddle. Damn those ninjas cutting onions. 

Watch for yourself: 


Meet the Kwoks 

Mr Kwok certainly looks like a typical #asiandad, what with his black pants, button up short-sleeve shirt and computer sling bag. But what’s not so typical – he is attending a class on programming (thanks to the Professional Conversion Scheme), so that he can keep up with the times AND he’s asking his daughter to help answer some questions he has about programming language Python. We loved the all-too-familiar sibling squabbles, naggy mum and the sit-down family dinner! 


Met the Gomeses 

If anyone ever met Mama Gomes, they could not deny that dancing was in her blood. But a toothache puts her out of action awhile. Her daughters come to meet her at the dentist clinic and discuss amongst themselves whether the treatment is covered under the Pioneer Generation card. Mama Gomes also takes the chance to remind her older daughter that her very own Merdeka Generation card also has dental subsidies. Watch Mama Gomes’ sizzling personality and dance moves for yourself! 


We loved the fact that all these stories were so relatable to everyday life in Singapore and is assurate in reflecting some of the challenges that people in different life stages face. The message the Government tries to send – that they are with us every step of the way is not lost on us and we get to see how various schemes and initiatives help to alleviate some of the challenges faced by the families.  

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