4 horrifying incidents that happened in Hong Kong this week that makes everyone lose hope in humanity

Remember Hong Kong… what us Singaporeans used to associate with dim sum, Disneyland and Victoria Peak. It has now become an unfathomable nightmare for tourists and their own citizens alike, where violence is masqueraded as fighting for rights. This week though, we feel that the protestors have reached new lows. Scroll on… but we warn you… you might lose hope in humanity.


1. Protesters douse a man with flammable liquid and set him on fire 

Hong Kong police said they received a report from a passer-by about an argument between the man and protesters on a footbridge, it escalated and ended with protesters dousing the man with flammable liquid and setting him on fire. The man had multiple burn injuries and was admitted to a hospital in a critical condition.

Video can be found here. Viewer discretion is advised.

2. Beating up a pregnant lady

A pregnant lady was trying to leave when a rioter pushed her, she turned back to confront him. At that moment, he ran headlong into her, tackled her to the street and raised his arm to start pounding her. The pregnant lady was desperately trying to protect her unborn baby as passer-bys tried to stop the brutality. Another rioter also tried to kick the lady in the stomach.

Video can be found here.

Wow…. New low.

3. Bricks thrown at a 70 year old elderly

The elderly man was on a lunch break from his job as a cleaner when he voluntarily began clearing the road of bricks thrown during demonstrations. He was caught in-between the scuffle by protestors and Government forces and protestors throw a brick at him. It hit him on the head… he has passed away in hospital.

Video can be found here. Viewer discretion is advised.

4. Students have turned universities into epi-centres of protest – arming themselves with javelins and bows and arrows, making homemade bombs

What should have been the place to mould young minds into future leaders is now the epicentre for student protestors. They have hauled their classroom furniture and set them up to barricade roads. They have been digging up roads so they can use the bricks as projectiles against police. They armed themselves with bow and petrol-tainted arrows, javelins and have volleyed hundreds of lit Molotov cocktails at police.  

Videos here and here.

Can you ever imagine Singapore like this?

Do these images and videos prick at your conscience? As these increasingly violent incidents spiral out of control, people are not sure if there is an end in sight and it seems like Hong Kong will be locked in a violent stalemate for awhile.

Can we ever imagine Singapore becoming like this? With the likes of Alfian Sa’at, Han Hui Hui always trying to incite revolts. How can we as Singaporeans make sure that we take a collaborative approach to solving our internal issues? Afterall, don’t we all have a stake in our country?

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