Let Singaporeans decide Singapore’s affairs

I have a friend who likes to say this all the time; 

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

I have no idea why we need to skin a cat. What I would like to say is, if it is my cat, I am going to be the one skinning it. 

I cannot be any more Singaporean than this but what I am trying to say is;


As much as I hate all these kaypos, I hate it even more when people choose to seek help from others instead of listening to those who have proven themselves and provided us with everything we have today. 

I know there are people out there who help people and ask for nothing in return. But, is everyone like that?

Are we sure that these people who offer to  “help” have no ill intention or hidden agenda at all? 

What am I talking about? I am talking about people like Kirsten Han, Jolovam Wham, and Thum Ping Tjin (PJ Thum).

Image source: ST

Who are they? What have they done? They are self-proclaimed activists. If you ask me, they are nothing more than a group of shit stirrers. 

Jolovam Wham organised an event called “Civil Disobedience and Social Movement” in 2016 and his line-up of speakers included freelance journalist cum fellow activist Kirsten Han as well as pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong from Hong Kong. Civil disobedience itself does not even sound right. Just take a look at Hong Kong now. Is that how we want Singapore to be? I am not sure about you but my answer is NO. Are we serious about learning from him?

Thum Ping Tjin travelled to Kuala Lumpur to meet Dr. Mahathir back in 2018 and even invited him to bring democracy to Singapore. I am not saying that it is wrong to meet up with other politicians and learn from each other. But Dr. M? And also to invite him to bring democracy to Singapore??

Let us not forget that he is the person who said “I think the people of Singapore, like the people in Malaysia, must be tired of having the same government, the same party since independence,” as well as the person who said that “The “rich” country of Singapore has been benefiting from “poor” Malaysia in the water issue.” Truth is, Singapore has been selling treated water at only 20% of the water treatment cost to Johor, at a loss. This guy has personal agenda!!! How can we trust him?

And like what Home Affairs and Law Minister Shanmugam said, “It is an absolute no-no to invite a foreign politician to intervene in Singapore’s domestic politics.”

And Kirsten Han? I do not even know where to start but she just seems to have beef with everything that Singapore is doing. Even Ang mo also cannot stand her.

And oh yes, she was also part of the little cosy group that went to meet Dr M. Let us not forget that she is also the same person behind New Naratif. New Naratif is a website which is funded by Foundation Open Society Institute (FOSI) or Open Society Foundation (OSF), which was founded by George Soros. George Soros is a man who makes money through market chaos. He short-sold the British pound to its doom in 1992 and pocketed $1 billion in so doing. He makes money through instability, chaos and the misery of others. They sure sound dangerous to me.

If you remember the recent National Day Rally, our PM Lee stressed that Singapore is good friends with both China and the US, and wants to remain so. What does it mean for Singapore if we support Jolovam Wham who fraternises with people like Joshua Wong? 

So why did I bring this up? If you have not heard about it, a Yale-NUS College programme titled “Dissent And Resistance In Singapore” just got cancelled. It was to be led by local playwright Alfian Sa’at, in collaboration with programme manager Tan Yock Theng of the university. 

From ST; “Other activities, according to the line-up online previously, involved a workshop on designing protest signs, as well as a panel discussion with freelance journalist Kirsten Han, veteran journalist P.N. Balji and historian Thum Ping Tjin.” 

Really? I think there are differences between academic study of protests via learning from case studies of past protests as compared to teaching students to design protest signs and to teach them how to negotiate with power the many different modes of dissent and resistance, including the more radical strategies of civil disobedience. 

With this line-up of speakers, I am glad Yale-NUS made this decision.

This got me thinking, how many of such events went on without us knowing? How did these people get access into Yale-NUS College to organise such events? And where did they get their resources from? Does that mean that it is actually taxpayers’ money since this is a Yale-NUS event?

“(Dr Thum) is the new Chee Soon Juan. Going everywhere to undermine Singapore.” ALVIN LEE

I must admit that Singapore is not perfect. We do have members of parliament who go into parliament and say things that do not sit well with me. Gun to my head, I would still choose the worst of them over any of these people who might be linked to foreign interference. They are here simply to undermine our national sovereignty, harm our social cohesion and influence our domestic politics. 

As the word “domestic” suggests, just let Singaporeans decide Singapore’s affair. 

As for all these “help”, thanks but no thanks.

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