Happy Birthday Singapore – Wishes From Youths And The Young-at-heart

As our nation celebrates her 54th birthday and we recognise how far we have progressed, we spoke to some youths and the young-at-heart to get their birthday wishes for Singapore!

With many of them being activists for social causes, they also share their dreams and aspirations for the nation!


I’m Louis from Praxium. We run career discovery and skills training programmes for secondary and post-secondary students, to help them find their passions and take action in achieving their aspirations.

I wish for every Singaporean to be living purposeful and passionate lives, seeing meaning in the things they do and making Singapore, and the world, a better place!


I’m Velda – a mental health advocate at Conversations Without Borders that aims to eradicate stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health conditions.

I hope to improve mental wellness at the workplace as I still see people shouting at one another in the office at this day and age. This is extremely unhealthy, toxic and does not solve anything. People should be treated with kindness and respect, and that takes mindfulness.

My wish for Singapore: is to be a country with inclusive workplace practices and have people treat each other w mindful kindness and respect – thanks!

Your words matter.

Do choose your choice of words carefully, it can empower or destroy a person.


I’m Alan, a young union delegate from the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). I represent fellow staff in the labour movement of Singaporw by making sure their collective voice is heard by the management because I believe that #everyworkermatters.

As we commemorate Singapore’s Bicentennial year and also 50 years from NTUC’s ground-breaking Modernization Seminar where unions had to innovate to be relevant to workers, I hope that this mindset of innovation is one that all workers will subscribe to.

It is my wish that workers will internalise the importance of upskilling to remain relevant so that they can be part of the Worker 4.0 movement and be ready to take on the future economy.

As what our Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng likes to say, “Train up to keep up, skill up to keep up!”


Hi, I’m Huan Ting and I volunteer actively in different organisations. My passion is learning languages and learning from different cultures.

It is my wish that people in Singapore will embrace each other’s stories, appreciate different strengths, and build stronger communities.

We can definitely do much better.


I am Eleanor from Ageless Online, Makan with Seniors and Faceup, initiatives that celebrate seniors and promote intergenerational bonding. In my 19 years I have seen ‘ageing’ and ‘seniors’ coming to the forefront as it should but more should be done.

My wish for Singapore is to care about seniors as how we treat them is how we will be treated as we get older. In our pursuit for more wealth, let’s not become soulless – be kind to others, look up from your phones and help others where necessary, and say ‘Thank you’.


I am Tines from serendipET. We are a social enterprise that does outdoor adventure activities and we work with different organisation to provide free and subsidised services for our expertise. We also work with youth at risks by trying to empower them to join and thrive in our industry.

My wish is for a Singapore where I am not labelled by my race or religion. I wish for a country where we ask to understand so that everyone can be harmonious.

I wish with all our success as a nation, we start seeking happiness in our people more than anything else!